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Posted: 6th May 2020

Catapult challenge

Technology & Design Catapult Challenge

This image shows a catapult similar to those used by the Romans attacking castles.

We have included some pics of our pencil version. It was very fiddly and you might want help when building it.

A mini version built with bamboo canes would be easier.

​If you google mini pioneering & mini catapults there are lots of ideas.

Your challenge is:

  1. Design & build your own catapult similar to what the Romans used. What can you can find in the house to do this with? – sticky tape, pencils, string, elastic bands, bottle tops etc.
  2. Test a few different designs. Which ones worked best? Think about power, distance, aiming etc.

Remember this is for engineering fun; never aim a catapult at a person, no-one wants to lose an eye!

The photographs and video shows an example you can do using pencils.

It would be good to see your attempts.

Follow the youtube link and you will find lots of ideas – some simpler than others BUT which one is the best?

Don’t be put off by hot glue guns – what can you use/do instead?







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